Thursday, August 11, 2005

Creation Myth

Lesion, jamb and skaldic jaw fluxion idiom tidier; uremia odium awe.

Bite wampum dice, skim limit troika calm? Drafty retch Yule junkman sues:

a dive, a poker, and a caddy. Red coifs ouch! Zest radii loamy art duel,

iced yuck fiche fib. Gucci waste o.k. chunks (nudes eddied fake inkjet pies),

city tight mob juju. Xerox dung, “Seek life mix sigma dimes put dude dander.”

Ice soaked cave dive – decoy dope, cube speed vendor / slink mire yeoman prim child.

Ides’ eye, ogle do moist bodice, mice, died vodka yokel lotus? You orifice:

eyed cry wide, a paved myth i.e. coke thug echo.

It is more than enough to say cove, swarthy kiosk dial,

tufted nerve pocks sick battue earwax.


Blogger Laura Carter said...

Rad stuff here.

2:11 PM  
Blogger greg said...

getting all daily on me brian

12:41 PM  

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