Sunday, January 29, 2006

dente means poem (ate pie) (F7 remix)

after Randall Williams

dentate memes
meow (atelier)
a tooth
how does a desecration
type papyrus
Shakeout a name)
(the umbra cop of nonusers)
her deceased
(isotherm rehab)
serif guts a dog’s noise)
(these (torrid
trance options
(wee kicks)
(sew to lobes)
of a naked ashen dallier
(a walleye
(the lapin owl)
in the varnish)
becomes) (heathen
acres (dolor
a caw
(earth snores)
(nose duet)
envy ingot
inset crowing
contested bedpans
espuma tonic
(she tamed that)
(suitor's pose
ideas artist had (owl seed)
recasting slow exams)
onto poems (hive verso
disco vexed the dub
mélange holy
dolor in a dog’s seed
(smooch heroes
nomads relish gritty)
the archives