Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm a Poet and I Don't Even Know It

I really like poetry a lot, I write poems myself
But I don't have a website yet. Yippee!

You too can be a poet! What is Poetry?
Cinquain Poetry | Free Verse Poetry | Funny Poetry | Haiku Poetry

I’m poet and I know it Hope I don't blow it.
Anyone know how much it costs to press a flexi disc?

“Gotta agree to some degree, at the same time
I’m not sure I fully buy into the whole co-dependency” said Buster.

“You’ve got a rhyme every time,” Muffy added.
Arthur raised his hand. “I know a poem he wrote.”

"I don't know if I’m good poet.
Yes, I’m fan of TS Eliot. So what?

Even when people tell you are good, you still
don't really believe it," Powell said. "It's like kissing –

Ha!! I’m getting sick and tired of wasting all my time
And trying to read between your lines

I can’t help but feel that way about poetry.
I don't read much of it now.

I’d love to see a close up of those rocks and waves …
Don’t know how those things get there.

I think the cold medicine is going to my head…

I don't write poetry. I tried it once
and blew my trick knee out right there

I don't know the rules on the various
young women who don't know their worth.

I know so many. ... I’m a poet.
I just find them there in the morning


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