Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sex, Love, Machines

That's right - sex, love, machines. It might refer to the Sybian Orgasm Machine or Death From Above 1979. But in this case, it's the first volume of Allyssa Wolf's new online editorial gambit, Ghost Play. This volume features some ridonkulous flarf parody by George Medford, some maniacally brilliant musings by Julian Semilian and Alexandra K, and two poems from my F7: A Timid Etude & An Ugly Baby in a Sexy Dress. The former is a frippery; the latter has a darker history. It's a flarf poem that came out so ugly, so misogynistic and vile, that I had to destroy it. I deleted the file and emptied the recycle bin. But like the bad penny, a hard copy turned up in my desk; it snuck back into the manuscript, and now, into Ghost Play. Read w/ caution, it's some toxic junk.


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