Thursday, January 26, 2006

Timbers of Laity

F7 retries not to be cosmetic, although like any immersed glint, it notes lapis, and it espies its legion attributes. It is the perfection of the word it incants. A city scourged in a more rational nation, nuked with realms, myrtles, shire and nursery, tooth, eBay, and sea, time concaved as a rude claw around an aura of epics - say, a woodwind. Imagine the doll eluder in his wonder, using a guise to obtain the rotors, rain spattering the window, then ransoming them direct, by way of shank or altered protons. Not time, but a dial of spit on which definite ructions are scoured, timbers of laity, but a definite rumble of giants can ruckus between these timbers, as a definite rumble of infamy ties malice between the mintages of ego and wit. F7 is the timbers, and the writhing that flaps between math and meat, gothic worm. Exert force, F7 is both entity and inanity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep going on the F7 because far as I can see the Random Media / Bill Luoma machines have disappeared from the WWW.


3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

entity and inanity


nice title


--mryelbk this time

3:19 AM  

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