Friday, October 06, 2006

MiPo reading in Brooklyn online / NYC pictures

The MiPo reading I gave in Brooklyn with Jenny Boully and Aaron Belz is available online here. There's a part near the end where I make a funny noise -- if you're curious, I was trying to frighten a house cat that stuck its head into the speaker. I didn't take any pictures in New York, but luckily, Amy King takes pictures of everything, and she let me use some of her snaps here:

Andrew Levy at a house reading:

Charles Barkley:

Gina Myers and Dustin Williamson at Stain Bar:

E. Tracy Grinnell, Paul Foster Johnson, me:

Aaron Belz at Stain Bar:

Jenny Boully at Stain Bar:

Me at Stain Bar, with sampler:

Stain Bar:


Anonymous Wholesale Lists said...

Great pics love the dog, it is good to see so many interested.

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