Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Soft Targets

The first issue of Soft Targets, edited by Dan Hoy and Daniel Feinberg, is now available. It includes two very visual poems from F7. Specifications:

For immediate release: the first issue of SOFT TARGETS, a handheld journal of poetry, artwork, criticism, short fiction, found images, sound, and other ephemera. SOFT TARGETS v.1.1 features color and B&W artists from inside and outside the galleries, including Walid Raad, John Tremblay, Whitney Bedford, Jason Fox, Harun Farocki, and musician/artists D.C. Berman and Mick Barr. Interspersed with these artists and others are critical pieces by Jason Smith, Joan Retallack, and Wayne Koestenbaum; short fiction from Benjamin Weissman, Rachel Kushner, and multidisciplinary artists Stanya Kahn and Harriet "Harry" Dodge; and poetry from Dennis Cooper, Linh Dinh, Catherine Wagner, Carla Harryman, Matthew Rohrer, Martha Ronk, Daniil Kharms, and Ben Lerner, among others. Also included are several new translations, found images, contributions from the Office of Force Transformation and the Apocalypse de Saint-Sever, a hand-numbered License to Live mail-in insert, Treaty with France, and a mini-CD by NY sound artist teleseen affixed to the inside back cover.

5.75 x 7.25
288 pp.
50+ contributors
w/color artwork + mini-CD
hand-numbered License to Live

Front Office:
Daniel Feinberg
Dan Hoy

Office of Concrete+ Plastic Studies:
Anthony Allen

Office of Assembly:
Jane Lewis

Office of Special Plans:
Rachel Kushner
Jason Smith


Blogger greg said...

sounds divine.

but the link is bunk.

where do i get one?

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