Monday, March 12, 2007



GLOSSOLALIA is a sound art project.

BLACK SAIL is an in-progress album of electro-poetics.

Electro-poetics involves using oral recitation as a sound source for aural art, along with digitally manipulated acoustic instrumentation and appropriated material.

GLOSSOLALIA is a sonic companion to the text-based F7 project. Both projects employ appropriated material and technological mediation, inscribing the same kind of tension between chance and deliberate operations into different media. Both tend toward the oracular. Some selections from F7 available online are here.

GLOSSOLALIA tracks do not cost anything. The post below this introduction will be updated with new mixes periodically.

GLOSSOLALIA is also seeking audio submissions of poets reading their work to continue the project. Contact for more information.

The re-use of any and all GLOSSOLALIA material is avidly encouraged.

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