Thursday, December 08, 2005

Imogen speaks

Imogen Heap's vocodered hymn "Hide and Seek" has to be 2005's most arresting single; the only thing that comes close in terms of pure, heart-stopping, oh-shit-I've-had-my-eyes-closed-for-three-minutes bliss is Antony and the Johnsons's "Hope There's Someone". If you haven't heard these songs, do yourself a favor and drop .99 cents on iTunes. You won't be sorry. Anyway, I recently wrote a little 200-word feature on Imogen for Paste Magazine. I fired off way too many questions for such a short piece, assuming she'd poke at whichever ones she fancied. Imagine my surprise when an email came back that ran to pages of thoughtful, detailed answers; the kind only someone who's really in synch with his or her life at the moment can give. Imogen was so great that my bosses at Paste decided to complement my thin piece in the magazine with the full text of the interview online, which is available here.


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