Monday, February 27, 2006

Advance Warning - First I Take Brooklyn

Not only is Matt Henriksen publishing one of my poems in his new journal, Cannibal, he invited me to come and give a reading in Brooklyn, as a part of the Fall Cafe 2006 Reading Series. I'm super-jazzed!

Fall Cafe 2006 Reading Series:

The Fall Café ~ Fridays 7:30 PM
February 17th ~ Brendan Lorber & Dustin Williamson
February 26th ~ Thomas Hummel, Brenda Shaughnassy & Craig Teicher
March 17th ~ Samuel Amadon, Stephanie Anderson, & kari edwards
April 7th ~ Brian Howe & Christian Peet
May 12th ~ Anna Moschovakis & Sheila Squillante
June 16th ~ John Coletti & Stacy Szymacek


The Fall Café
307 Smith Street
Between Union & President
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
F or G to Carroll Street

Cannibal info:

Our first issue will be ready to ship April 1st.

Cannibal is 88 pages, hand-bound, with a screenprinted cover. Send your check to Matthew Henriksen/95 Clay Street, 3L/Brooklyn, NY 11222. Don't send or write the checks to Cannibal because he doesn't live here. Paypal options are fuzzily in the works.

Cannibal, 88 pages, $8
One year: $15

The First Issue:

Geoffrey Babbit
Andrea Baker
Zach Barocas
Jim Behrle
FJ Bergmann
Edmund Berrigan
Anne Boyer
Jenna Cardinale
Laura Carter
Adam Clay
Clayton Couch
Bruce Covey
AnnMarie Eldon
Jane Gregory
Anthony Hawley
Brian Howe
Brenda Iijima
Lisa Jarnot
Shannon Jonas
Erica Kaufman
Alex Lemon
Tao Lin
Rebecca Loudon
Joseph Massey
Andrew Mister
K. Silem Mohammad
Valzhyna Mort
Gina Myers
The Pines
Emma Ramey
M.L. Schultz
Sandra Simonds
Laura Solomon
Gabriella Torres
Jen Tynes
Dustin Williamson


Anonymous Trevor said...

Finally, all that readin' an' a' learnin' got ya'somewhere. Well don't get all hi'n mihty. You still hafta feed the cat. Wish I could be a Crooklyn Dodger witcha. Congratulations.

9:59 PM  

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