Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A story about a story from a friend in Japan:

To add to the collection of penis stories I've accumulated here in Japan:
I read one of the weirdest children's stories yesterday with a three-year old boy. (He picked it out, not me, and you could tell it was a real favorite. Now it's definitely one of mine, too.) It was in Japanese, so I couldn't get much of it, and neither could he, being three, but you could get the general gist of it from the pictures. Each page showed this little blond boy with an incredibly long appendage coming from his nether regions. And by long, I mean so long the boy can't find the end of it! The little boy follows it through rooms in his house, peers out the window only to find his little weewee winding through the streets of his town! And as I flipped the pages with this little Japanese boy, he would point out the little blond boy's anatomy, gleefully shouting "CHIN CHIN NAGAI!" (which means long penis, of course) on EVERY single page with the same level of intensity each time.The book has a happy ending, I guess.... The little blond boy eventually finds the end of his penis, just as... a STEAM ROLLER runs over it, in front of several video cameras. Obviously, this causes him some pain, but on the last page, you see him smiling proudly, still pantless in a street full of strangers, but with a normal-sized little chin chin. What do you with a story like that? Well, you definitely, definitely read it again. That's what we did, anyway.


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