Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A "Good" Night for Poetry *haw haw*

The Open Eye Café Presents:

A Poetry Reading.

Thursday, April 13; 7:30; in the secret room.

Featuring Adam Good; poetry editor of Your Black Eye. Liver in Washington, DC. Gentleman in most aspects. Poet on the make.

With Brian Howe; scourge of print and online media; Open Eye barista. Poet, natch.

The vampire shows me
my statements, shows me nice states
and vague dystopias, says,

"choose your engine, vampire."

--Adam Good; from “Engine Teeth Statements”

There are owl sobs
Yummy tweeds and acumens
Who eunuch me with their naiveté
Very shyster

--Brian Howe; from “Foreign Letter (Doom Kick Remix)”


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