Friday, May 05, 2006


Heads up on Curiobox, which sounds like it's going to be awesome - did I mention that they've picked up one of my short stories, Oubliette? I did? Just now? Sweet. From the website:

curio was created in winter of 2006 as a response to existing media. we sought to produce a publication that would take control away from the editor, putting it in the hands of the artist. the format of the magazine allows poets, artists, and designers to work outside the realm of bound printed matter to create a magazine that defies convention.

for the unfamiliar, this is a quarterly multimedia publication distributed in a large mailing box. the box's dimensions change to meet the needs of the content. contributors are able to specify the dimensions and style of paper their piece is presented on. poets are no longer restricted to 76 lb. perfectbound matte pages, artists dictate bleed or no bleed, specific dimensions, and context.

issues of curio exhibit some of the most exciting in contemporary art and culture. working without a time-sensitive burden, curio ignores the temporal. no type of media is consciously excluded. we're proud to combine music, short films, short fiction, poetry, photography, drawing, architecture, articles and interviews inside.


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